My Big Furry Winter Wardrobe

Large, cosy, drape-yourself-silly-in fur coats – that’s what winter is all about as far as I’m concerned. Well, that and the softest, most gorgeous cashmere in which to envelope yourself. When it comes to the fur though, I can’t get enough of it. I reckon that’s because it’s genetic in the sense it’s something to do with my freezing, cold Russian heritage. I’m a first-generation Brit, you see. My parents brought me over here to London when I was just five years old.

Trying not to mix work and pleasure…

I hated the new country at first – I’d left all my friends and relatives behind, after all. Over time though I made new friends at school and my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would all come visit at least once a year. I also kept up the Russian language (we spoke it at home too, behind closed doors). As a result, I’m a fluent Russian speaker. In fact, I work part-time as an interpreter for a well-known global corporation. It doesn’t pay as much as escorting but it’s quite interesting and luckily, to date, I’ve never met any of my escorting clients in my ‘day job’ as it were.

So, anyway, back to the winter wardrobe… silver fox is my favourite fur, and I’m also fond of mink, of course. Mostly I have to go back to Russia to buy these as Britain seems so anti-fur (obviously not many Brits have spent a whole winter in Siberia!). Needs must and all that… although I am an animal lover as well and will only buy te fur if I know it’s been taken from a dead animal ie that it wasn’t specifically killed and skinned just to make a coat or hat.

As well as the fur coat, I love slinky, skin-tight cashmere dresses. These are so light and fine that it almost feels as if I can put my hand through the fabric or that I’m wearing nothing at all. If a client is coming around though I’ll make sure I have beautiful silk or satin matching lingerie on – as well as a healthy shake (or ten) of Channel No 5 (I do believe it was Marilyn Monroe’s favourite scent).

I’m the anti-Marilyn Monroe

I’m nothing like her incidentally – Marilyn Monroe, that is. No, where she was small and curvy, I am tall and slim with long legs – statuesque, I’ve been called on a number of occasions. I’m happy about this though, as it means my clothes sit better on me. When I was younger I did some catalogue modelling. But I got bored with all that standing around looking pretty quickly. It wasn’t challenging to my brain, after all – not like interpreting or escorting in London’s financial or creative districts where sometimes you can definitely have some very stimulating conversations.If you’d like to come and cuddle up with me in my furs or cashmere then do give me a ring via the website You’ve no idea just how hot it can all get!

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