If your taste is for upmarket ladies then you’re definitely missing a trick if you haven’t already dated one of our escorts in Westminster. It’s not just our wonderful ladies that you would missing out on but also some of the most famous landmarks in the world. For instance, here lies, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster. This west end district, which sits on the north bank of London’s main water artery, the River Thames, is tourist gold.

What are escorts in Westminster like? 

Not only are these ladies drop dead gorgeous and definitely know how to dress in order to make an entrance into any room (and remember, Buckingham Palace is in the vicinity), but they also have the manners and political know-how to debate any subject without causing offence. And, being in the centre of London, within walking distance of the Houses of Parliament, that’s a pretty handy people skill to have.

And, in fact, many of our Westminster escorts are often booked by ‘gentlemen of the House.’ We could actually raise a few eyebrows right now by naming a handful of them but, being the discreet escort agency that we are, doing so would be anathema to us (not to mention business suicide!).

What to do with a westminster escort?

If you’re a visitor to the city then why not book an escort to show you around as some sort of ‘glamorous tourist guide?’ It wouldn’t be the first time a wealthy business man (or lady, for that matter), has opted to go down this route.

As well as Buckingham Palace and the three Westminster landmarks we’ve already mentioned, in this London location you’ll also find Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch, (a currently silenced) Big Ben, and the former home of the Duke of Wellington, Aspley House. For a bird’s eye view of the area – and city as a whole – pop onto the London eye with your Westminster escort (provided both you and she are fine with heights, Cos it’s pretty high, all right!).

In terms of restaurants, if you fancy something a little decadent – and very British – how about fish and chips with a glass of champagne? Both are available in stately wood-panelled surroundings in the Leopard Champagne Bar of the Rubens Hotel. It’s directly opposite Buckingham Palace so is just the thing after a visit to the Queen’s home.

For something a bit more ‘regular,’ then you could both head to the new food court which opened recently opposite Victoria Station. Called Nova Court, you’ll find a range of cuisines there, at least one of which is sure to take your fancy.

How do I book an escort in Westminster? If you find yourself in a foreign city with some time on your hands and a curiosity about its landmarks, then it really couldn’t be simpler to book one of our beautiful girls.

All you have to do is give us a call or drop us an email at http://www.thebondgirls-london.co.uk/

You’ll be delighted and you did. We promise.